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Rising Biogen is India’s Start up agriculture company in Khargone specializing Hybrid Seeds of various crops. Rising Biogen is innovative and Dynamic Agricultural Seeds Company in India. Wedelivering high quality of seeds for Indian Commercial seeds Market. Our pursuit of excellence backed by strong R & D has resulted in high yield seeds that has made the company the trusted partner for farmers since the last eight years . By unlocking the latent power of seeds through our ideas, innovation and initiatives, we are driving unbounded growth for RBPL. Company actively involved in Quality management , research , Processing , packing and marketing of high quality seeds Read more...


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A well-defined Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a program that should be based on prevention, monitoring, and control which offers the opportunity to eliminate or drastically reduce the use of pesticides, and to minimize the toxicity of and exposure to any products which are used. Read more...


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Pheromone traps are effective way to control insects & pests in agriculture fields. These are safe to use and nontoxic way for controlling and monitoring insects & pests. Pheromone traps can be easily used in open fields, greenhouses, playhouses, glasshouses, gardens, etc. to save commercial crops organically. Read more...


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IPM is an approach to solving pest problems by applying our knowledge about pests to prevent them from damaging crops, harming animals, infesting buildings or otherwise interfering with our livelihood or enjoyment of life. IPM means responding to pest problems with the most effective, least-risk option. Under IPM, actions are taken to control pests only when their numbers are likely to exceed acceptable levels. Any action taken is designed to target the troublesome pest, and limit the impact on other organisms and the environment. Applying pesticides to crops, animals, buildings or landscapes on a routine basis, regardless of need, is not IPM. Applications of pesticides are always the last resort in an IPM program.
IPM reduces risk by reducing overall pesticide use, using least risk pesticides when there is a demonstrated need, and taking special protective measures to reduce pesticide contact with living organisms and the environment.
Anyone who deals with pest problems can use IPM. Farmers, greenhouse growers, facility managers, grounds maintenance personnel, pest management professionals, homeowners and apartment dwellers can all learn how to apply least-risk solutions to prevent pest trouble or respond to problems when they arise.
Pheromones are chemicals used by insects for communicating with their pairs (Male) in some species.
Pheromone lures are a bait made of silicon septa, soft wood or any suitable carrier impregnated with specific synthetic pheromone to attract male insect. .
Pheromones are natural compounds that are created in the body of an insect. Insects use pheromones to communicate with each other. We have isolated many of these compounds in the laboratory and use them to lure the insects into a sticky trap.
In general, all traps should be placed at specific level for optimum performance as per suggested by company leaflet.
Pheromone traps are meant to be used as part of an integrated approach to pest management. Sanitation, inspection, and removal of infested material are all very important parts of an integrated approach.
No, just open the package, take the entire lure out of the package and place it in the trap.
In general all pheromone lures are good for 60 days. After that, they should be replaced with a new lure.
If kept in a freezer or refrigerator, all lures should be good for at least two year.
In each type of traps a lure fixing attachment is provided. Remove lure from pouch & fix it in traps. Generally a top position is better.
No. Pheromone traps& lures are species specific. They are designed to catch only one species


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